I Hope the Mail Man Doesn’t Get Hungry When This Passes Thru Processing

The strangest business idea of 2008 has been awarded to Dollar Hot Dog! This concept is so wacky; it’s hard to believe it’s not a hoax. A company that cooks and ships fully-dressed hotdogs in standard white envelopes to south-facing mail boxes in the US for only $1…can they be serious?

Dollar Hot Dog’s specialty product is like the company name states, their original hot dog, cooked on a George Foreman grill, complete with bun and condiments of your choice all for $1. In order to keep your tasty, baseball stadium style treat, in edible form, they ship only to south-facing post boxes that self-insulate and slow cook your snack. That way, as soon as the mail carrier comes around you simply need to peel the wiener out of its envelope and enjoy.

In case a ready-cooked hotdog isn’t enough to make you a consumer, they do offer gift baskets, made up with cooked wieners and condiments; or branded t-shirts to help with their marketing program.

The site might make light of their strange business concept, but Dollar Hot Dog’s does seem to have a following. By June, 2008, about a year after launching the site, their count was up to 200 hotdogs shipped.

Note the Coors Light in the above picture; I think I’d need some liquid courage to think this was a good idea, too.

This idea is so wacky, I feel no sarcasm is required here…this business speaks for itself.