This Hot Rod Will Get All The Party Animal Bar Hoppers Over In Europe To Their Next Chug Fest

I lived in Denmark for a couple of years as a kid, and while I loved it, few would argue that the Danish people are Europe’s party animals. This tiny Scandinavian country is clearly a design and style powerhouse, but it’s also ground zero for the pragmatic Northern European approach to living, so it’s a bit surprising to see them building something as wild as a 1,104 horsepower supercar.

With a top speed that’s electronically limited to 232 MPH, the Zenvo ST1 would let you drive from one end of Denmark to the other in about an hour, assuming you could ignore the 68 MPH national speed limit. The turbocharged 7 liter V8 pushes the car to 60 MPH in under three seconds, although with Denmark’s punitive gas taxes, it wouldn’t be cheap. Still, I hardly expect gas prices will be a worry for Zenvo’s specially pre-approved customers. With a total production run of a mere 15 cars slated to start next year, you can be sure that the ST1 won’t be cheap.