Text Yourself To Death

Meet Patent# US6778811 also known as the Cellphone With Concealed Firearm System. Patented in 2004, this is a cell phone that is no one-trick pony! You can not only call out and speak to your hit man from any workable location, you can actually do his job for him! This very unusual cell phone doubles as an electronic device with a firearms systems and if you get on its wrong side, beware, By hitting a sequence of buttons, it can fire a bullet out of the antennae!

This method of personal protection certainly has its points. In the instance of a mugging, especially when there is a weapon involved, this cell phone could be a formidable equalizer. The mugger would not see it coming, which would give the potential victim a significant edge. Still, it is a bit scary. What if the buttons are hit by mistake and someone is merely passing by in the range of fire? There is, after all, a reason why guns need licenses even though no one can argue that so many times they fall into the wrong hands.

For those into cell phone with a myriad of specs and options and the money to pay handsomely for all of them, this may have a limited appeal. Personally speaking, I hope this cell phone with concealed firearm system never becomes popular. At the very least, it would impinge on security measures at airports, etc and at the very worst, well; I think that’s pretty clear.

Consider the following ideas for uses for the ubiquitous cell phone: Steve Levenstein’s piece “Tiny Cell Phone Strap Plant Needs Neither Food nor Water” and Alexis’s article about extravagance gone wild, “Have Money to Burn? Pay $1.3 Million for a Cell Phone.”

Whatever you do and no matter where you may be, if you see someone adjusting the antennae of their cell phone and giving you an angry look, stop what you are doing and…duck!!