When An Invention Comes Along Like This One Don’t You Think Its Time To Put The Joystick Down

In light of recent economic woes not everyone has $300-$400 bucks to shell out for the latest gaming console, but that doesn’t mean you catch shell out some pennies to hone your skills on your existing system. For those on a budget, the Shooting Watch allows you to indulge your gaming fetish while showing off some obscure Japanese tech re-issued from the 80s.

The perfect tool to ensure you don’t end up as parasite-bait like rookie soldier Carmine in Gears of War 2, the device counts how many times you can hit the A and B buttons under a certain time limit, thus improving your first person shooter skills. The device also functions as a standard stopwatch. You can pick up this historic gamer geek equivalent of a pull-up bar/barbell for just 1,800 yen (19.90) here.