Looking for a complete wellness solution that will positively impact the health of your family members? Enter the Motivatrix MX10 Workout Master.

Offered by Exergame Fitness, the MX10 Workout Master personalizes and monitors users’ workouts. Users can choose from aerobics, cardio or max-challenge workouts, select music and set fitness goals. The unit packs a number of internal games to make your workout sessions really refreshing. The machine has built-in sensors that are able to understand arm flailing. The motion-sensing technology shows user’s speed, heart rate, training zone, calories, weight and overall performance. Above everything, the MX10 is internet-enabled, so you can compete with others around the globe. The Motivatrix MX10 Workout Master can be yours for $12,500.

Motivatrix MX10 Workout Master

motivatrix 2


Via Bornrich.org