Balance Chair 

Balance Chair

I think most of us have some inequalities in our sidedness. For example, my left leg is stronger than my right leg, and my right arm is stronger than my left arm. I can see close better with my right eye… and so on. But honestly, untill now, I never thought about the strength of my right butt cheek versus my left butt cheek.

But (ooh!), designer Yoon-Hee Kim was thinking of his own butt cheeks when he designed the Balance Chair; he says his right butt cheek felt a bit stronger than his left butt cheek.

If you really want to strengthen your butt, this Balance Chair is for you. I can’t promise you will want to sit on the chair very long though. The Balance Chair will make you work hard just to keep your butt off the floor.


You see, the balance chair is on a pivot…


If you don’t keep your equilibrium, you’ll end up on the floor… on your butt, of course.

Via InventorSpot