Do they actually think this big, bulky, crazy looking weapon is going to make any police activities easier?

Look out, everybody – here come the trigger-happy cops with even more non-lethal weapons. Pictured above is the PHaSR, the bad-ass “Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response” rifle that’s just about ready for deployment. It puts the hurt on you by dazzling you with laser light, while also burning your skin with an infrared laser. Let’s just hope they set those PHaSRs on stun.

The next big, scary gun in development (but not quite ready for deployment) is the Active Denial System (ADS), blasting out a 6-foot-wide microwave beam that makes those evildoers want to jump back, pronto. Ouch. They rifles aren’t going to kill you, but they’ll make you wish you were dead until you get your carcass out of those hot rays.

It’s good news that the police are developing weapons that don’t kill people, but when you look at the way police are all-too-eager to use Tasers, you might consider whether this is a good thing or not. We’re thinking they can be either good or bad, depending on who wields them. While we’re wondering why we can’t all get along, we’re also thinking to ourselves, “Don’t microwave me, bro!”

Via: Dvice