This Is Just As Annoying As The Crane And Hook Game At The Amusement Park

The Motor-Driven Ice Cream Scooper is a hand-held motor driven device intended to permit the user to not only handle frozen ice cream, but to simultaneously form attractive spheres. Perfect for the lazy multi-tasker, Patent# US 6840754 is one of those things that upon reflection, everyone can surely live without. It comes equipped with a half circle-shaped arc at the end of a tube, in which claws shaped as half-circles are inserted. The claws slide and upon command embed into the frozen the ice cream, their continuous rotation forming a sphere. (If you prefer another geometric shape, forget about it. Not possible.)

The claws of the Motor Driven Ice Cream Scooper do everything except eat the ice-cream for you. (That may be next on the agenda if the inventor will discuss the issue.) It is not known what inspired the creator of this device, but perhaps too many horror movies too late at night had something to do with it. Images of claws running amuck through frozen ice cream, needing to get even and causing havoc among those innocents who dare to desire creamy treats come to mind. For many in the sort of know, part of the joy of ice-cream involves digging it out of its container, (almost like a treasure, waiting to be dug up).

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Whatever you do, stay away from the claws on this device.

They may after all, be out to get you!