Rocket Powered Sled 

It’s never too late to be kick-off that creative infant in you. Talking of creativity, there is Mr. Ky Michaelson or the Rocketman, as he is known, who personifies the word to perfection. Symbolizing are the rocket powered innovations from his backyard, which we’ve previously seen. From the Rocket Chair to the Kick Sledge, all have rocket-ized us here in the tech fraternity, and the latest JATO rocket powered sled is just an enhancement to the rocket builder’s flawless work, thrown our way.

Had you hidden your radio flyer sled somewhere, thinking it’s gone all old and useless. Rocketman’s vision never wanted you to do so, therefore he created the sled powering it with JATO rocket boost and placing a speedometer so that you knew your quickness once you’ve mounted it.

Made in oak planks on the surface the rails of the radio flyer sled are aluminum crafted, while the sled has a innovative custom steering handle bars attached so that the rider has a grip when the tail is on fire. So, are you game to burn the fire, try making one yourself and do it.



Via Gizmowatch