Brazil’s High Tech Plans To Stop Car Thieves 

Brazil has a really big problem with car theft. In fact, the criminals and drug dealers that steal most of the cars take them to areas so dangerous, that the police will simply cut deals with the gangs to get the stolen cars back. Now however, there are plans to use technology to stop the criminals in their tracks.

Starting next August, every new car sold in Brazil will be fitted with a GPS tracking device similar to the LoJack system used in the US. The twist however is that the Brazilian system will let the police send out a signal that shuts down the car, leaving the crooks going nowhere fast. The car can then be located using GPS.

When you consider the lengths some people will go to to secure their car, this plan sounds like a no-brainer. Hopefully, if the Brazilian roll out is successful, something similar can be launched in the US.

Via Dvice