A Dress that Dissolves in the Wash

 Just don’t spill your tea

Forget green cars or ‘green food’, the latest and possibly strangest, environmentally friendly innovation to hit the world of fashion is a dress that dissolves in the wash!

The dress is a result of the “Wonderland” project, a unique collaboration between a pioneering British designer and scientists at the country’s leading universities seeking a solution to the “Primark effect” – the ever-rising quantities of discarded clothing being sent to landfill sites, reports the Independent.

For the unique creation, Helen Storey, a designer and professor at the London College of Fashion, teamed up with Professor Tony Ryan from the University of Sheffield and Interface, a research center at the University of Ulster.

The wonderful team has created plastic dresses – made out of a similar material to washing capsules – that disappear on contact with water, with the aim of drawing attention to the problem of waste plastic.

“It is about getting different disciplines together to solve a global problem,” Professor Storey said.

The plastic is made from biodegradable polyvinyl alcohol.

With the usage of varying dye weights, chemists altered the movement of the plastic when it hits water, making interesting patterns as the dresses dissolve.

Via The Times