AT&T Offers Refurbished iPhone 3Gs Starting at $99

Cracking the $100 barrier for iPhones

I was among the many who was hoping that the rumor that Walmart would be selling a $99 iPhone 3G was accurate. As it turned out Walmart did in fact get the iPhone 3G, but the price was only slightly less than other iPhone retailers.

However, your hopes of a $99 iPhone 3G aren’t completely dashed, at least not for a few more days. AT&T is currently offering refurbished iPhones while supplies last. The 8GB refurb handset will sell for the magic $99 number.

Those wanting more storage can opt for a 16GB iPhone 3G at $199. That price for each handset requires a 2-year contract, which you would have to agree to no matter when you bought or what price you paid. The price is good until December 31 on the refurbished handsets. I expect that the available refurb devices will run out quickly.