Nintendo To Introduce Food Delivery Channel In Japan 

I’m sure you have all gotten nice and slim using the Wii Fit, which is good, because much like a Thanksgiving turkey in September, Nintendo now has a plan to fatten you up. Probably so you’ll be more inclined to buy Wii Fit 2 and work it all off again. Beginning this spring, Nintendo will intro the Food Delivery Channel in Japan, just like how TiVo users can order Pizza Hut.

Wii users will be able to place orders from where they can buy sushi, hamburgers and all kinds of stuff fit for a dinner in front of the Wii. It goes further then just food ordering though. You order the food and then if you like, your Wii will set the mood music. It can even pick a meal and have it sent to you randomly.

Get fat. Workout and buy new Wii Fit titles. Brilliant.

Via Slippery Brick