Is It Really Worth The Price?

If you haven’t heard of Eazo, a Chinese purveyor of luxury computers, then you probably enjoy keeping your money where it is. That’s because a custom, top-of-the-line PC from the company can cost $10,000, and supposedly upwards of $50,000. So how do you get people to pay prices like that?

Custom paint jobs, magnesium alloy cases, a dusting of Swarovski crystals and, like a good beach cruiser, wood paneling on the sides.

Eazo’s new Z70 line looks humble compared to its crystalline cousins, though the Chinese accents and design help give it a bit more flavor than your average Dell. To keep the wood from burning, the entire thing is water cooled (which, again, is a bit fancier than the average rig), and inside it features the same technology as most higher end computers.

No word on pricing, but if you get a 5-digit quote then maybe it’s time to decide if you’re looking for a fully-loaded computer or just something nice to look at – Eazo computers function as both, but you could get the former for far cheaper.