It may be a good idea but its still freaky to have a toilet smarter than you are

Toilets are now getting even more sophisticated. Going way beyond that car wash for your butt we tried out with considerable delight, this brainy crapper is an update of Toto’s 2005 “intelligence toilet.” This one measures urine temperature, accurately notifying women of the exact time of their peak fertility – and rest of us, well, how hot we really are.

The Toto intelligent toilet was already mind boggling, with its ability to analyze blood sugar levels, body weight and fat percentage, and there’s even a blood pressure cuff. Once you’ve gone through that mini-physical, the results are wirelessly sent to your PC, where you can plot all your personal stats on graphs and charts.

We like that Kohler bidet toilet seat with its effective deodorization, cleansing water jets and blow dryer, but maybe this Toto info-toilet has gone too far. It reminds us of the late billionaire Howard Hughes saving his urine in jars, all lined up on shelves and sorted by date. Too much information.