Your Mood Is Contagious


Believe it or not, moods are contagious and spread like ripples through friends, according to a new research.

An international team has carried out the research and found that people’s moods are determined not only by the state of mind of those closest to them but also by friends of their friends who they have never met. And what’s more is that behaviour including drinking, smoking and even obesity can spread in a similar manner, the study has revealed.

They ripple through networks “like pebbles thrown into a pond, the ‘New Scientist’ magazine’s online edition quoted lead researcher Nicholas Christakis of Harvard Medical School in Boston as saying. Researchers came to the conclusion after analysing 53,228 social connections between 5,124 individuals over time. They found a happy friend increased the odds of someone being happy by 15 per cent- but that a friend of a friend boosted the chance by about ten per cent, and a friend of a friend of a friend by about six per cent.

Via The Times Of India