The Wall Street Guru Ball 

 Wall Street Guru Ball

Well so far 2009 looks, feels and tastes a lot like 2008 did. So you can color me unimpressed. But I guess a new year does give a lot of people the chance to turn over a new leaf. And if your new years resolution list happens to include “significantly increase financial well-being” then this twist on the classic 8-Ball could help. Why rely on stock brokers, bankers or even a hot tip from that guy in accounting when you can trust your assets to a multi-sided die floating in a plastic sphere?

The Wall Street Guru ball features 20 different pieces of financial advice including “Think precious metals,” “Bull market ahead,” “Buy pork bellies” and even “One word: plastics.” Of course I’m sure the makers of the Wall Street Guru Ball have ensured they’re not personally responsible for any financial gains or losses resulting from the ball, but at just $7.98 from What on Earth it might actually be your first sound investment of the new year.

Via Oh!Gizmo