Now Drunks Have Fashion Sense

Patent# US D509944, known in polite circles as the Bottle Cap Necktie, is not for everyone. The question remains: is it for anyone at all? If you wear one of these to work, the suggestion is that you drink on the job and would like others to join you. Why wait until the lunch hour? After all, somewhere in the world it’s 12 or 1 or 2 pm or whenever you have your mid-day meal. Why not start at any time and come prepared for any drinking emergency with a slew of bottle caps on your person?

Chances are, if you need to ask this question you are a candidate for this proposed invention that transports the realm of the absurd somewhere it has never been before. Apart from actually being stupid, the Bottle Cap Necktie looks that way as well, elevating the wearer to a new level of non-acceptance. Proposed in 2005, it has not yet reached the market place and if the world is lucky, it never will.

Other inventors have come up with some clever ways to transform neckties into multi-functional items. Consider Steve Levenstein’s piece, “USB Necktie 2, New & Improved Neckwear for Summer 2008” and Tim Whitney’s article about pitching any invention at all “How to Sell Your Idea in 27 Seconds.”

In conclusion, avoid the Bottle Cap Necktie as it is up to good and can only make you look more stupid than you can afford to look.