Office Bound Fitness Freaks Rejoice

Is that hour at the gym robbing you of precious time at your computer screen? I know it’s really more than you can afford, but come on, how will you get the exercise you so dearly need?

Look no further. There’s a new piece of exercise equipment about to come out, called the TrekDesk. It lets you walk while you work, and I just dare you to whistle at the same time.


Seriously, I don’t know if I can write and walk at the same time, but if you have a marketing job, you can probably talk on the phone and walk. I see people talking on their cell phones while they’re busting their butts on elliptical trainers….

“Excuse me ma’am. Did you just ask me why I was breathing so heavily? Ahh, don’t hang up, ma’am. I swear, I am not….”

Here’s how the TrekDesk works. You fit your treadmill — the one you already have but aren’t using — with a large contraption (“universal workstation”) called a TrekDesk. Its 70 by 34 inch work area gives you plenty of space for a laptop, or even a separate screen and keyboard, a telephone, and a cup of joe…. Ooh drinking, working, and walking… I’m tired already.