Wall-Mounted Smart-Leaf PC 

 Smart-Leaf PC

Space is always a problem with PCs, but putting a PC onto the wall, Originatic has brought out a solution to the quandary. Scheduled for the CES ’09 debut is the all-in-one wall-mounted Smart-Leaf PC, designed with space-saving intentions. So if you’re a casual PC user, there isn’t anything better coming your way anytime soon, therefore this rugged PC with all eminent features is worth a gaze.


In Vegas, Originatic will showcase two PCs, the Smart-Leaf Oasis and the Smart-Leaf Mountain. While the former with touchscreen, fold-out keyboard, trackpad, TV tuner and Wi-Fi, will be perfect for the home, the latter with all keyboard lock and trackball in addition to the others mentioned but lacking the TV tuner, will be perfect for business use.

Via Gizmowatch