The Power Of Nanotubes 

 The researchers at the University of Southern California

Researchers at the University of Southern California have created a a clear, colorless disk about 5 inches in diameter that bends and twists like a playing card, with a lattice of more than 20,000 nanotube transistors. It is capable of having high-performance electronics printed on it using a potentially inexpensive low-temperature process.

The research has a wide range of potential applications. It could be used as affordable “head-up” car windshield displays. The lattices could also be used to create cheap, ultra thin, low-power “e-paper” displays. They might even be incorporated into fabric that would change color or pattern as desired for clothing or even wall covering, into nametags, signage and other applications. Imagine being able to change the color of your walls with the click of a remote, instead of getting out the rollers and paint. Also, if you find that you are under dressed you can change your outfit to suit the situation on the fly.

Another possible application is ultra thin and see through applications. “Our results suggest that aligned nanotubes have great potential to work as building blocks for future transparent electronics,” say the researchers.

Via InventorSpot