Now this is real low fat eating

Patianne Stevenson sculpts her favorite foods from recycled cardboard… that is, when she is not painting them or creating new recipes for cooking and eating them. Her sculpturing skills are so satisfying to look at, that I call them eye cake! You’ll see why.
Stevenson’s pantry is filled with boxes. She writes that every box that arrives at her home is marked and stored depending on the kind of box it is. Her markings note what was in the box and where it came from, so many of her cardboard creations retain these markings and can be seen on bits of the finished products. What a great way to personalize them.

Stevenson’s sculpting skills are best seen in the photos of her luscious-looking layered cakes, where the variations in textures are so well captured. I don’t know if these will appease your appetite, but they surely will please your eye.