When People Say “Your Car Looks Like Crap!” You Can Smile And Respond “Yep It Runs On It.”

In Back to the Future, Part II, Doc Brown figures out a way to run his time traveling Delorean on regular garbage thanks to “Mr. Fusion.” What an awesome idea. And now, one that you can make a reality by building your own Mr. Fusion on your car. And you don’t even need to be a mad scientist to do it. The Mr. Fusion of today is called a gasifier, and it allows you to use, yes, gasification to run your car.

Gasification is the use of heat to tranform solid biomass, or other carbonaceous solids, into a synthetic “natural gas like” flammable fuel. Through gasification, we can convert nearly any solid dry organic matter into a clean burning, carbon neutral, gaseous fuel. Whether starting with wood chips or walnut shells, construction debris or agricultural waste, the end product is a flexible gaseous fuel you can burn in your internal combustion engine, cooking stove, furnace or flamethrower. Or in this case, your DeLorean. OK, how about a Honda Accord?

Want to add a gasifier to your car? Instructables has the instructions, if you’re feeling industrious.