At least when you chew your pencil when you get nervous you wont have to worry about splinters

Order a slice of chocolate cake at a restaurant or cafe and something immediately stands out: those chocolate curls decorating the frosting. Ever notice how much they look like pencil shavings? Don’t you wish you could top your home-made desserts with these delicate flakes?

Now you can – this set of assorted chocolate pencils from Nendo comes with a sharpener so you can save the shavings and feed your cravings!

Well, innovative Japanese design company Nendo must have been thinking the same thing. Their chocolate pencil set comes with a special sharpener allowing you to shave away to your heart’s (and stomach’s) content.

Nendo has taken the pencil analogy one step further by providing a range of flavors from light milk chocolate to dark bittersweet. Much like real pencils that come in HB, B, 2B and so on. One bonus is that once you’ve shaved your chocolate pencil down to a nubbin, you don’t have to toss it – just eat it!