Universal Display’s Flexible AMOLED Display 

The meadows of thin and flexible displays get a much need boost with every demonstration of a flexible OLED display. And what better a place than the CES 2009, to make that difference. Capitalizing on the opportunity, Universal Display has announced to exhibit a new kind of a wrist-worn flexible OLED communication device at Digital Experience 2009, an event which forms the part of the Consumer Electronics Show.

This wrist-worn flexible AMOLED communication device is fabricated on metal foil, and is made in support from the U.S. Department of Defense. The prototype device, based on a four-inch flexible OLED display will be significantly energy saving and the flexibility of the display will make it rugged and highly portable while displaying awesome images with wide viewing angles. What is the gadgetry where we would see this? Perhaps, CES is the best place to know this.

Via Gizmowatch