VDI Driving Simulator 


The time to call-off the unforgettable memories of the DaVinci driving simulator has come. Virtual Driver Interactive dares to offer a highly interactive atmosphere for learning driving via its “VDI Driving Simulator” that puts you in the shoes of a driver.

Especially, designed for the teenagers, the driving simulator places them in dangerous situations without putting them in danger. The rig can create unique and dangerous situations in a manner that one could never face or wouldn’t create while sitting in a real car. Giving the driver a chance to avoid or survive the different accidental situations in the best possible ways, the sim offers an ability to practice dangerous scenarios in a safe and highly interactive environment. Three widescreen display screens offer 120° view allowing drivers to identify approaching traffic 15-20 seconds down the road. Placing you in a real world environment, the VDI driving simulator, using real car parts including steering wheel, shifter, brake and accelerator in order to simulate a real car simulator, makes learning driving a great fun. Other real car parts include adjustable seat, 3 point seat belt, turn signal, side mirrors control, gear shifter, etc.


Via Bornrich.org