ETX-LS Telescope Points Out Stars On Its Own Along With An Audio Tour

 ETX-LS Telescope

Fancy some stargazing? If you do, the ETX-LS telescope by Meade Instruments makes it virtually effortless. You barely have to lift a finger. That’s because the ETX-LS uses GPS range-finding coupled with CCD imaging to automatically align itself. It can even give you an audio tour of the stars above if you hook it up to a computer, automatically pointing out planets and constellations.

If you’d rather go a bit more hands-on with the telescope, it comes with a remote that will allow you to cycle through over 100,000 identifiable celestial objects. It also has a built-in SD card slot so you can capture and save images.

Best of all, the ETX-LS will weigh in at a comfortable $1,300 when it hits early this year. Stargaze the gallery below for more of this crazy telescope.



Via Dvice