Yeah your very own gas chamber

Has transportation reached new lows? Or is it new highs? Or does it all depend on where in the SUV you are seated? Patent# US D503143 also known as the SUV Tent, can transform the driving experience into a memorable night out, but not exactly on the town. Watch a horror movie from the comfort of your own backseat. Why go inside where you can lock the doors and close the windows? Grill a meal over the engine block for a new and possibly tasty experience. Carbon monoxide, despite all scientific findings, can keep you on your toes with a quality of sleep that can only leave you thirsting for more.
Why the inventor thought this would add to the desirability of a vehicle is anyone’s guess. He did not learn from station wagon tents of the 1950s, which were a complete flop, and the one SUV from Pontiac that had a built-in tent. This feature alone helped it to become one of the worst selling vehicles ever. Ironically, the instability of the price of gas these days could transform the back seats of many SUVs into primary residences, which could make the tent very helpful. (This situation, however, could only satisfy those among us who drink heavily.)

Down through the years, vehicles are a constant source of inspiration. Consider some of the following ideas involving cars. Read George Delozier’s piece, ” and M Dee Dubroff’s “RIDA: The Armored Luxury Vehicle Ride”.
Happy tent, wherever you are.