Get there in style but not with the large price tag that goes with it

No one likes to ride the bus, but we do it because it’s convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Now, an improved service has been introduced to the transportation industry that combines the benefits of public transportation with the comforts of a standard taxi service.

Taximobil will be launching a flat rate taxi service that will escort people on their intercity travel for one affordable fee.

Taximobil functions like the public transportation systems available in most cities, allowing commuters to purchase their monthly cards online, or various kiosks and service spots around the city that can activate cards each month using debit or credit.

The flat rate for the month is 48 Euros, which includes unlimited travel within the city limits. They plan to open their first location in Southern Germany, and gradually expand their empire around the country. Once Taximobil’s services are more prevalent, they will begin to offer travel between cities for an added cost.

Taximobil doesn’t plan on having its own fleet of vehicles; instead it will setup a borrowing service from existing transportation and busing companies within Germany. When a member calls requesting a ride, dependent upon the number of passengers requiring travel, they will select the appropriate vehicle and pay the lender hourly for its use. By using this business model, Taximobil reduces its own carrying costs, by reducing the need to pay maintenance fees on vehicles and eliminating costs relating to transport methods that are not in use.

While the service does mention that it will pick up multiple travelers en route to similar destinations, making it seem a bit more like public transportation; unlike taking the bus, there is no need to wait at designated stops, which may be a distance from home, until it comes by.

This concept isn’t entirely new; taxis have always offered flat rate fees for travel to major destinations, such as local airports. Many municipalities, especially in Canada have also established the “taxi-bus” service in more isolated areas where there isn’t a need for standard bus routes, or on weekends and holidays when business commuters are not in need of transportation. Read more about the taxi-bus services in Quebec, Canada here. Though Taximobil operates on a similar model, it will differ from these public services by offering as many vehicles as required to minimize wait times; whereas with taxi-buses only one or two vehicles may be available to service a town or jurisdiction and it is recommended that trips are reserved at least an hour in advance, with no guarantees.
Commuters and travelers may not be picked up in limousines or town cars, but it’s the closest the regular person will get to receiving the transportation luxuries popularized by celebrities and TV shows focused upon the socialites of New York’s Upper East Side when on a budget.