Seriously this phone looks way to complicated even for a doctor and they think you going to use it for help with CPR I don’t think so

What was originally conceived as an electronic, wrist-mounted medical handbook for the British military is now a 3-piece folding smartphone for the consumer market. Called the iCEphone, it does everything you’d expect a smartphone to do, but also comes with multi-lingual first aid software that will walk you through the simpler ways to administer aid (such as giving CPR), all the while creating a log of what you do for medical experts.

Is the injury too bad? The phone also offers direct access to a medical hotline and store your personal medical records just in case something happens to you — at home or abroad. It’s all accessed by a single touch of the ICE (in case of emergency) button.

On the smartphone side of things, it’s 3G ready, GPS equipped and it runs Windows Mobile. It has three parts to its folding design: the touchscreen (complete with an iPhone-esque digital keypad), a physical QWERT keypad, and a traditional phone pad. It’s shaping up to be a great companion for folks who travel or love the outdoors, and it isn’t very thick at all when folded up.

The Medical Phone plans to start producing the consumer version of the iCEphone in April, and hopes to land a US carrier for it soon. Check out the gallery below for more of The Medical Phone’s iCEphone.