Shinra Manufacturers of Guangzhou, China has made it possible for you to walk on water with the Inflatable Water Ball.  Now, I’m all for the idea of being able to walk on water.  Really, I am.  I think it would be pretty cool in a nondenominational deity sort of way.  But…

These poor kids look like they’re trapped in a low-budget 1970s sci-fi version of a force field.  If you’re old enough, you’ll remember a British show entitled “The Prisoner,” starring Patrick McGoohan in which the security “robots” were bouncing balloons that chased him down the beach.  In this case, however, you’re inside the balloon…

Perhaps a more suitable analogy stems from all of the flopping.  I mean, jeez!  Look at all of the flopping!  It’s like watching human-like fish struggling to reach the open glory of the ocean… all the while unaware that they will be dinner for some lucky fisherman.

The good news is that not everyone seems to have this problem.  It appears that, with a bit of practice, it is possible to actually propel yourself across the water (and other surfaces) in this unique ball.  Quite a workout could be had, once you get the rhythm down.From what I can gather, the Inflatable Water Ball is quite a popular item in amusement parks and seems to be a very popular recreational item along the beaches of China.


Made of high-tensile TPU film, the ball is inflated to its two-meter diameter via a 400W blower-while you are inside.  It is environmentally friendly and can handle not just water, but also abrasive surfaces such as streets and sand.

So… What do you get when you add a crowd of people and a giant, inflatable human-powered ball?  HUMAN BOWLING!!!!  Now THAT gets me excited.  But you’d have to be careful or the results would be something like this:


The ball also comes with a repair kit (for the ball, not for the human) and a user’s manual-which, I suspect, could come in handy when actually attempting to stand up and move forward.

Another interesting use for this item is much less violent.  When inflated, it can be used as a sort of display bubble for various products.  As a marketing tool, this would make quite an impact on customers.

I don’t know if I’d trust myself in one of these things.  Maybe if enough of them were crammed into the same body of water, I’d be able to bounce around enough to stay upright.  But all alone…  I suspect I’d flounder about, give up, and drift out to sea.

Via InventorSpot