EcoSmart’s Boomerang Shaped Fireplace 

 EcoSmart Zeta Fireplace

The EcoSmart Fire seems to have a roller-coaster ride with its innovative and eco-friendly styled open fireplaces coming every now and then.

Earlier we saw the Retro and Igloo fireplaces with unique designs. Once again, standing at the forefront of innovation, the firm introduces its all new “EcoSmart Zeta fireplace.” The designer of the fireplace, John Dimopoulos, takes a cue from boomerang. Bending it into a perfect elliptical shape, the fireplace emits heat with setting its stomach on fire while burning ethanol. A brainy fusion of timber, leather and stainless steel, the completely portable fireplace rests on a lustrous stainless steel swivel base. The Zeta is available in different leather shades including Ciocolatta, Nero, Ranch Hide and Latte. The Zeta also features glass fins on either sides to enclose the flame and separate the leather from the stainless steel. Fueled by renewable energy source, ethanol, the designer fireplace costs $12,880.