SATY MP3 Player Also A Breathalyzer And Mosquito Repellant 


CES has big, fancy products like the new Palm OS, and then they have stuff like this. In a little pod in the Sands, a Chinese company called SATY is showing this rather blocky music and video player with some unusual features. It’s got a flashlight. It’s got a radio. It’s got a mosquito repeller (which just means it plays a really high-pitched tone, so it’s probably also a teenager repeller.) It has a breathalyzer.

And if the battery runs down, you can power it by pulling on a string repeatedly.

When I asked the guy at the booth why it has a breathalyzer, he looked at me like I was insane and said, “for driving.”

Will you ever be able to buy this thing in the US? Would you want to? Who knows? But it’s definitely creative.

Via Gearlog