Disposable Wrist Phone 

 LG’s Wrist Phone

Having a cellphone necessarily brings with it the tough decision of where to carry the damn thing. That typically means bulging up a pocket, though at least women can often opt for tossing it in a handbag (but even that adds the rummaging-around step when you get a call). The disposable Wrist Phone makes where to put it an easy choice.

Designed by Shirley A. Roberts, the concept phone is segmented so it can wrap around your arm like a big Wonder Woman-ish bracelet. When you get a call, just detach and lift to your face. That makes it a little less Dick Tracy than LG’s Wrist Phone, but we’re still impressed. It might be a risky fashion choice for some, but for anyone who stopped wearing a watch when they got a cellphone, it could be the perfect idea.


Via Dvice