Unlock Your House From Anywhere 

 Schlage LiNK Door Lock System

How many times have you needed to send someone to your house to pick something up at the last minute, but had no way to get them a key? Sure, it’s not something that comes up all the time, but when the situation does arise, it can be frustrating. With the new LiNK door lock system from Schlage, you can unlock your house from anywhere.

This fancy door lock has three different ways of being opened. You’ve got the standard key, a number pad for entering a PIN, or you can send it a text message. What is really cool is that you can assign up to 19 different PIN numbers for each of your family members, and it will keep track of just when each person entered the house. All of this is accomplished by the use of a special wireles bridge which interprets the commands and unlocks the door. This can also be used to automate lighting and other electronic devices throughout your home.

Be prepared to set back some cash for this system, as a starter kit will set you back $300. That gives you everything you’ll need to control one door and a single lamp. While that might be worth it, the $13 per month subscription fee for the LiNK web service (which is the brains of the operation) would get old quick.

Via Oh Gizmo!