Ten Commandments of Twitter

DaVinciDeb:  Most of our cutting edge technology today exists in a world similar to the wild west, where few laws existed. But recently Moses stopped by for a chat. As it turns out, Moses has gotten a little fed up with the way things are going on Twitter, so he brought with him some rules to live by. Actually, they are more than rules, they are the Ten Commandments. (after the jump)



Ten Commandments of Twitter

  1. Thou shalt honor the Tweet, the father and the mother of the Tweet, its man servant and maid servant, and servant’s servant, and all that is family, friends, and followers of thine own Twittesphere. 
  2. Thou shall not be dull, tedious, mind-numbing, boring or say the same thing with different words.
  3. Thou shall not spam thy neighbor, nor his wife, nor his cattle, nor his cattle’s wife.
  4. Thou shall not curse, swear, or use four-letter words, or practice superstition that can be described in four-letter words.
  5. Thou shall not have a bio that bears false witness, uses a bear as your witness, or is void of your personal worth.
  6. Thou shall not use the default image, default background, or the no-fault insurance you bought in Chinatown.
  7. Thou shall not be overly self-promoting, self-inflating, or present yourself in any way that can be construed as a gnarly dude!
  8. Thou shall not tweet while driving (waiting at stoplights is fine)
  9. Thou shall not tweet while drinking (unless its beer) (…or a beer in the headlights)
  10. Thou shall not use acronyms, SMS, abbreviations, or anything not understandable to thy neighbor’s good looking but slightly retarded wife

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