A New Bicycling Vision

American bicyclists are a wistful lot. With the encroachment of an Obama presidency, rising gas prices and a recognized recession, they imagine that America’s city streets will be reforged with dedicated bicycle lanes… and, as a bicyclist myself, I certainly hope that’s the case. Still, with bicycle lanes costing $5,000 to $50,000 a mile to install, chances are pretty damn slim at a point where the government is squeezing bailout money out of each orifice.

This Yanko concept tries to fill in the gap between Velocipede Zembla and America’s current set-up, where the only thing marking a street’s bicycle lane is a pervasive encrusting of spilled bicyclist brains.

It’s clever: lasers on each side of a bike project a bicycle lane for drivers to recognize. But it really does miss the point: America’s bicycling infrastructure is only a small part of the larger problem, which is a driving culture that doesn’t recognize bicyclists. An imaginary bike lane that swerves when you swerve isn’t going to do a lick to solve that problem, but at least someone is thinking in the right direction.


via Boing Boing Gadgets