Nokia Cell Phone With Heart Monitor 

Nokia N79 Active 

For the health conscious type there is a new mobile phone in town that is aimed at you. The Nokia N79 Active is a phone that helps you keep track on your pulse rate.

The Nokia N79 Active is supplied with a Polar Bluetooth WearLink heart rate monitor that you wear. Once attached to you and paired with your phone, it feeds back this information to the phone providing you details of your health condition real time.

The phone it’s self is unchanged from the regular N79 which has a 5 megapixel camera, GPS, FM tuner, and is 3G to name a few things.

A feature that does make this phone cool is that the aGPS functions can be used to plot a route out. By using the bundled Sports Tracker Application you are then able to observe where you are, where your going and how your heart rate is.

Via Gadget Venue