Golf Ball Technology May Improve Your Car’s Gas Mileage 


I get really skeptical whenever I hear about some gizmo that supposedly saves lots of gas, but this dimpled car wrap kind of makes sense. Long ago, golf ball manufacturers discovered that a dimpled surface would help a ball to fly farther through the air with less drag, so why not apply the same thinking to cars? The dimples reduce the wake turbulence caused by early separation of the boundary layer, and while my high school physics is pretty rusty these days, it certainly sounds plausible.

FastSkinz are made by SkinzWraps, better known for those commercial car wraps that advertise things like radio stations and rap albums, although thankfully, the aerodynamic FastSkinz are pretty discreet.

The company claims an 18-20 percent improvement in gas mileage, although independent testing is still needed. If this actually works it would be amazing, but the fact that aircraft and race cars aren’t already covered in dimples seems a bit suspicious.

Via Dvice