Low fat not likely but oh so yummy

Remember those old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup TV commercials? You know, the ones where someone holding a chocolate bar bumps into a person holding a jar of peanut butter, thus creating a new taste sensation?

Well, Royce’ Confect Co. of Japan either repeated that accidental meeting or some whiz kid on the factory floor dropped his bag of potato crisps into the chocolate line – the result, either way, is Royce’ Potato Chip Chocolate!
Now you might think that salty potato chips and sweet milk chocolate just don’t work well together taste-wise, and I admit the combo just sounds wrong when you think about it. Then again, Japanese snacks are, well, different – Strawberry Cheetos are perfect example.
Indications are that Potato Chip Chocolate is delicious – and likely to be exceptionally fattening, even though the chips are chocolate-coated on only one side. Even so, combine the “bet you can’t eat just one” appeal of tasty potato chips with Royce’s famed high-quality milk chocolate and you’ve got a recipe for dietary disaster.
Royce’ Confect started up in 1990 and has endeavored to position their products as a cut above the rest.

They also eschew traditional marketing methods, preferring to sell their products through company branded kiosks in department stores and airports as well as online sales from the company website.

Potato Chip Chocolate comes in attractive boxes with a number of sealed plastic bags inside. Three sizes are available, retailing for 693 yen (about $7.30), 1386 yen (about $14.60) and 2079 yen (about $22) per box.