Solar Panels To Help Light Up Building 

The John Molson School of Business, Montreal, shows – for the first time – how solar heat panels integrated with power technology on its top two floors will help the building light up itself.

Spread over 300 square metres, the solar panels will generate power for the building and heat fresh air during the warm season. This new approach is the first in the development of futuristic buildings that not only meet it own energy needs, but provide excess power to the power grid, transforming buildings from passive consumers to energy producers. “The construction of the new John Molson building provided our researchers with an opportunity to integrate state-of-art innovative solar technology, developed right here at Concordia University, into a building which will set new standards for construction,” said Judith Woodsworth, Concordia president and vice-chancellor. This innovative technology was designed by the Canadian Solar Buildings Research Network (CSBRN), led by Andreas Athienitis and housed at Concordia University. Construction of the new JMSB building will be completed next summer, with classes starting in the building in September, said a CSBRN release. When it begins operation, the public will be able to consult an energy display in the lobby to view the real-time energy captured by the sun and used by the building.

Via The Times Of India