50 Interviews at the Startup Junkie Underground

Brian Schwartz at the Startup Junkie Underground 

Raymond Alvarez: Author Brian Schwartz quickly turned philosphical in his talk that covered the unfamiliar terrain of starting a business. He tells his audience to follow a passion, and not just any passion. “The objective should not be a personal goal. If it’s about making money for yourself, that won’t work,” Schwartz told an audience of 150 people. Schwartz penned the 250-page 50 Interviews: Entrepreneurs, a Biographical Encyclopedia.  

The idea for the book came from a conversation Schwartz had with his wife. She reportedly thought he shouldn’t leave his sales job at IBM before talking to 50 accomplished entrepreneurs. Just incidentally, two of the people he interviewed are Thomas Frey of the Davinci Institute and Rob McNealey of Contrived Media, Ltd., who writes the forward. In fact, Frey urged him to unveil his book at the Davinci event.He quotes Jen, the MillionaireMommyNextDoor.com. in the book: “I discovered that once I chose happiness, the money followed.”  

50 Interviews - Brian Schwartz at the Startup Junkie Underground 


Against advice, I had to break open my copy of the book peek at the names. The crowd at the Davinci Startup Junkie lecture series in Westminster were treated to advance copies, thanks to the quick work of the Schwartz clan who glued the bindings before hauling the books to the event. The list of entrepreneurs includes high-profile names like Michael Burns of Burns Marketing and Doug Odell of Odell Brewing Co.  

A bonus for those who attended were interviews with Dave Taylor, Allison Taylor and Gina Schreck (and don’t forget the advance copies). Schreck is founder of three Colorado-based companies, Pinnacle Achievement, SchreckTalk Keynotes, and Synapse 3Di. Allison Taylor is a business consultant and her company is Paravox. Dave Taylor has been proliferating social media names on Twitter, including his namesake and Film Buzz. He has launched four Internet related businesses as well as maintaining three weblogs.  

In response to Schwartz’s question about the rewards of being entrepreneur, Allison Taylor stayed on theme: “My reward is I was able to be the kind of mom I wanted to be for my kids.”  

Could be material for his next book. In fact, Schwartz took suggested names for “volume two.” 

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