Wireless LED Speaker Light 

Surround sound is pretty awesome, but it’s rarely easy to set up, what with the wires and the other wires and the connectors and all that crap… Not to mention having ugly-ass speakers sitting all around your living room, and if you’re doing it properly, bolted to the ceiling. The SoundBulb is a combination lightbulb and wireless speaker system designed to solve all of these problems by letting you stick everything up in the ceiling and inside lamps.

Stuffed inside the form factor of a regular incandescent bulb is an array of LEDs to provide (eco-friendly!) light, with an 8-ohm speaker behind it. The speaker is connected wirelessly to your home entertainment system, and you can adjust the volume of each speaker by simply twisting the top of the bulb.

No idea when this concept might see production, but it’s a damn good idea and I’d absolutely buy a bunch of them. If they’re cheap.

Wireless LED Speaker Light

Via Oh Gozmo!