New iPhone Application Solves Rubik’s Cube 

Is there anything the iPhone can’t do?

OK, yes there is: it’s not much use as a cooking vessel, it makes a terrible cup of tea, and if you’re ever in a shipwreck it’s no use at all. But the list of things it can’t do grew one item shorter this week, with the release of Rubik’s Cube solving application CubeCheater.

Yup, scramble your cube all you like, snap a picture of each of its six faces, and CubeCheater will do the rest, spitting out an optimized solution that usually takes fewer than 20 moves. It’ll even show you just how to go about it via a fancy 3D-animated cube of its own.

What’s that? Your Cube’s buried somewhere under your stonewashed tight blue jeans, leggings and frizzy pink wig? Never fear — your iPhone can help you with that, too. Our favorite virtual Rubik’s Cube app is xCube, but there are several good ones in the App Store, both paid and free. Juggling both a virtual Cube and CubeCheater is an exercise left to the reader, but we’d suggest two iPhones for best results.

Now, how do I get this thing to do my taxes?

Via Yahoo!