Its not fireproof but fire cool

Fire safety and prevention is some pretty serious business – something small can turn into something big rather quickly. Along those lines designer Sigrun Vik, a student at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, is operating under an interesting assumption: We don’t use (or know how to use) our fire extinguishers because they’re unsightly and hidden away.

To remedy this, she’s created the Act Fire Extinguisher, which is easy enough on the eyes that it could go in the corner of your living room, kitchen, in the hallways or wherever, really. It’s designed to be hooked up to a wireless fire alarm system (which many homes do not have), and when there’s a fire, it’ll flash it’s own lights so you can clearly see it through the smoke.

Other than that, it appears to work like a normal extinguisher. It’s unclear whether you have to lug the entire thing around or if the extinguisher pops out, but we’re guessing that little pull-ring on the handle is how you use it. Either way, it’s a more integrated fixture, and one you’re likely to figure out how to use. Check out down below for more of the Act Fire Extinguisher.