Robo Cute

He’s red and he cleans. What more could you want for Valentine’s Day?

Oh, I’m being silly, I know. But I really like the idea of this little guy. He’s a mini vacuum gadget that’ll pick up crumbs for you… or dust, or pencil shavings… small things that you could pick up yourself, but not without dirtying your hands. Of course you could remove these bits with a damp cloth or sponge, but water’s not good for wood, and besides you would get your hands wet.

Now, I’m being lazy. Oh, come on! I just like the Robo Vacuum because he’s cute, and crumbs anywhere are a nuisance…like in your bed, for example.

The Robo Vacuum is also available in black with stripes and white with stripes, if you’re too shy to buy the red guy….

But don’t get the idea that the two AA batteries move Mr. Robo Vacuum around by himself. You will need to guide him to the crumbs, but he will suction them up with a push from you, and when he’s done, just pop his top and empty the crumbs into the trash. Available at