The Cell Phone Data Super Slurper

What does CSI stand for? Apparently for “Cell Seizure Investigator”, a specialized USB stick from Paraben that claims to slurp up the phonebook, call logs, pictures, SMS, and pretty much every other type of data from an attached cellular phone. The current $200 model supports only Motorola and Samsung phones but additional models and their accompanying adapters can be glommed on to the CSI Stick in the future.

After draining a phone of its data, the CSI Stick can be plugged into a computer to view the files using Paraben’s obliviously named DS Lite analysis software.

I wonder if there are any phones out there at all that don’t just leave their user data sitting unencrypted or unsecured for anyone that has physical access to the phone.

[via Boing Boing Gadgets ]