Imagine spending your life savings on an invention you are sure will someday be successful, even if skeptics think it is impossible. It’s pretty risky right? Well Adam Fuller from Racine, Wisconsin has done this very thing. He has spent his life savings designing an invention he believes in, a vertical wind turbine. Will it work?

In 2007, the first reports (Gazette Extra) of his invention mentioned that his windmill consists of 8-stacked turbines. Each turbine has 4 structural steel wind scoops. In total the vertical turbine has 32 scoops. It stands 36 feet tall and has a 12-foot diameter. Because his wind turbine has multiple points of contact the smallest breeze, from whichever way the wind blows will make the blades spin. Adam Fuller’s vertical wind turbine prototype has worked successfully so far.

If funding becomes available once again he would like to build a larger version, 120-foot model. Fuller estimates it can produce up to 75,000 kWh each month. This is estimated to power up to 30 to 70 homes. Whether his invention will work or not is up for debate, but its clear that Fuller wants to make a difference and is giving it his all to do it.

One neat topic Fuller mentions in the video is the safety of the birds around his invention. Considering the hot topics about the death of birds due to windmills, because of the size and shape of Fuller’s vertical wind turbine is it possible that it could be safer for the birds compare to the alternative? That’s definitely something to think about. What do you think about his invention, how it works and bird safety because of it?

Vertical Wind Turbine


Via InventorSpot