Hey if your breath holds so much potential power then I would hate to see what would happen after a chili cook off

These days it seems everything can be turned into fuel: cooking oil, garbage, corn, algae, etc. I never imaged an airport full of people’s breaths could be converted into fuel too. If the idea seems a little far-fetched, it isn’t. The breaths we exhale could one day be recycled into fuel. Liverpool John Lennon Airport, in Liverpool, U.K will be the first to test the idea this year, with the Eco-box.

The Eco-box was developed by Origo Industries to capture emissions from vehicles and convert them into fuel. The fuel could then be used to power your home or repower your car. Ian Houston, Origo’s founder and chief executive, took it one step farther and knew he could do even more with the Eco-box. Now the Eco-box can capture our breaths and recycle them into fuel. The test subjects will be Liverpool John Lennon Airport travelers.

How does it work? The CO2 exhaled by travelers at the airport will be captured “through a photo-bioreactor as a feedstock for algae, producing biomass” (Live Science). The biomass is then recycled and turned into a fuel. The fuel will be used in the airport’s heating system as well as the airport’s diesel vehicles.

The airports goal is to gather 24,000 gallons of fuel from the pilot program. Installation of the carbon recycling system began early this year. If the project is successful the airport plans to expand the carbon recycling system to collect 289,000 gallons of fuel.

So, for those of you traveling through this UK airport, you can breath a little easier now knowing your traveling carbon footprint will be reduced some thanks to the Eco-box. If the Liverpool John Lennon Airport project succeeds maybe one day the Eco-box will be at every airport. Go ahead. Exhale.

For more information on this project visit the Origo Industries website here.