See Through Sub Parts

The Radiology Art project features scans submitted by different folks. This is a CT scan of a toy submarine. Note the mechanical spring-loaded propulsion mechanism in the center most location. This motor spins the paddle wheels located on either side of the main body. Screws can also be seen at the front and back of the sub, as well as connecting the periscope apparati. Portals located below the periscopes suggest an ocular function.

Scans are acquired as DICOM images using a GE CT scanner, then processed in Osirix software on a Macintosh iMac computer. Colors are assigned based on the varying densities of materials present throughout the object. Depending on the spread of densities within a particular subject, black or white backgrounds are chosen. Images are further processed in Adobe Photoshop for proper contrast and balance.

See the inner density of a wide variety of objects, in still images and in video.